Interview at the Sequential Tart about Gravitas
April 20, 2009

Gravitas enters the blogosphere on
February 27, 2008

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by Robert Naeye and John Dubinski, October, 2006

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U of Toronto Magazine, Spring 2006

Collaboration between musician and astronomer captures galactic events Computer animations of astrophysical phenomena set to music score
by Karen Kelly, U of Toronto, April 1, 2006

Canada’s fastest computer simulates galaxies, black holes
by Nicolle Wahl, U of Toronto, July 21, 2003

Question of the Week: When galaxies collide
Quirks and Quarks, May 25, 2002 (listen)

Down on the Galactic Highway, A Head-On Collision Shape Up
by KENNETH CHANG, New York Times; May 9, 2000

Astrophysicists Run Largest Galactic Collision Simulations Ever on NPACI’s Blue Horizon
NPACI Online, May 3, 2000

Astrophysicist maps out our own galaxy’s end
by Janet Wong, U of Toronto, April 14, 2000